Our Story

Our Story
From the Founder
The story of MOOD TRAYS began on a dark Friday night when we were cruising down the I-10 freeway on our way to a show. My buddy was driving and I was sitting passenger, assigned with joint rolling duties. It was a struggle breaking up the flower on a folded DMV registration card, let alone rolling in the dark and moving at 70 mph. We didn't want to turn on the car lights, because that would bring unwanted attention, oink oink. So I took my tablet out, turned on the screen, and begin rolling on it. The flower kept falling off the edge and on to the ground, waste... As I reached down the dirty car floor to salvage what was left of the fallen nugs, more nugs fell (failed). I thought to myself, I deserve a better rolling surface. And what if there was a way to light up my rolling surface? It was at this very moment, a joint and an idea was SPARKED. The MOODTRAYS brand was born in Los Angeles, CA.
MOODTRAYS started out as a rolling tray company that offered a selection of designs on it's popular LED Rolling Trays. Soon enough, MOODTRAYS expanded it's product catalog and began offering customization on other smoking accessories such as grinders, ashtrays, and more.
MOODTRAYS led trays are not just only for rolling flower, but are great table pieces. Every rolling tray includes illustrations and artwork by our designers. The artwork is backlit with colorful LED lights, making the artwork pop and glow in multiple bright colorful moods.
MOODTRAYS values product uniqueness and offers personalization to it's consumers. Design your personalized rolling tray with LED within minutes using our online design tool.